Texas Style Top Round

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  • Made in Texas for the past 50 years
  • 3 oz sizing
  • Large jerky sheets
  • Thin whole muscle round cut
  • Hand cut and slow smoked for 16 hours
  • MSG Free and no fillers
  • Made in Texas

The B.U.L.K Original Texas Jerky will bring you back to the cowboy days. A thin whole muscle cut jerky hand made in Texas. 

The pieces are nice and thin, like no jerky you have had before. These are mesquite smoked in a wood fire smoker for 16 hours to get the perfect dried jerky texture.

This is a traditional rip and chew jerky style, but it melts in your mouth after a couple of chomps and you will not be disappointed.

Ingredients: Beef, seasoning (salt, sugar, sodium nitrate), spices and flavoring.